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How To Use The Cupping Technique Author: jimmycox

Cupping is a medical practice that can be done at home and is used to heal all kinds of ailments and disorders including bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy, boils, swellings, rheumatism, arthritis and lumbago.
The practice involves placing cupped materials on the affected area and then applying pressure to the area. The pressure is supposed to alleviate the pain.

For the general treatment of the spine, back, chest and abdomen or any soft structure proceed as follows:
1. Spine and back. The first cupping glass is to be placed over the spinous process as near to the neck as possible, the patient lying face downwards. The next is to be applied just below the first, and so on, right down the whole length of the spine. Then the cups are to be removed from above downwards and placed one on each side of the spine. This dual application will bring the cups to about halfway down the back. These must be left on for five to ten minutes, as indeed must the first lot. Remove them and proceed down in the same way until the lower half of the back is treated. They are to remain on this area for a further five to ten minutes.

2. Chest. Place as many cupping glasses on the chest as the area will hold. Let them remain there for five to ten minutes.

3. Abdomen. Place one cup on the solar plexus, just below the breast bone, then down on each
side of the abdomen, placing one over the bladder region and one just above if there is room. Leave on for five to ten minutes.

Rheumatic pains in the arms or legs can very well be treated by cupping, and if regularly done results are most satisfactory.

After all the cups have been removed, take one and then in its vacuum state drag it firmly along the muscles of the back, chest, abdomen, etc., in all directions with sufficient pressure so that the vacuum will not be broken. This treatment gives the tissues a superb massage. It breaks down adhesions and thus removes hindrances to the circulation; witness the erythema or reddening of the skin, which the patient experiences as a most pleasant warm glow.

In order to ensure a good vacuum pull, care must be taken to see that the glass evenly contacts the tissue. This can best be done by applying, say olive oil to the skin. It also facilitates the "dragging" massage.

Slight bruising might take place in the treated areas, but this is of little consequence. Just suspend treatment for a day or so; otherwise treatment can be given every other day.

Finally, remember that as a prerequisite for sound, healthy functioning of body and mind, and for the restoration of health where this is lost, there must be a blood stream that is unhampered in its flow, and that the blood itself must be properly chemically constituted, but whilst the circulation can be improved by osteopathic and cupping treatment including cupping massage, etc., the right quality of the blood can be attained only by feeding upon whole, unprocessed foods, which have been grown upon soil that has been naturally manured, not an easy matter in these days of artificial fertilizers.
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