Thursday, December 10, 2009



Yesterday morning I woke up early with only 4 hours of sleep. I had been on the computer most of the day doing research and working on Dr. Tamer’s lesson assignments steadily for the last several days. My neck was extremely sore and tender on both sides with the left a bit more tense. I also had some upper back tension and pain in my upper shoulder area near my neck with an acute headache as well. I have been studying various points and I have noticed the strong use of point DU 14. I referred to my various charts and I knew Du 14 can be used for: headaches, back aches, neck aches, and many more problems so I was confident that cupping DU14 on myself most likely would be a good idea. Although, I could have cupped other various points for my symptoms I thought I would just try cupping DU 14 and see what happens.

I went to my cupping kit and grabbed the largest size cup in my set. I placed the cup directly over the bone on the DU 14 point. I applied medium pressure suction and waited to see what would happen. I felt slight discomfort and a few weird sensations down my neck through my back. After about a minute the discomfort still persisted and I began to wonder if I should take it off. I decided to time it for a minimum of 3 minutes and watched the clock patiently with some discomfort. After the 3 minutes I released the pressure and went to a mirror to see the coloring. Because of the discomfort and pain I had, I was assuming the circle would be dark and full of bad blood. To my surprise there was next to nothing, but, my body began feeling strange. I felt thirsty so I proceeded down the hall to go downstairs to get water. While walking I felt a tingling slightly cloudy feeling and my body did not feel normal. I immediately sat down near the stairs just in case fainting might occur. I sat there for a moment and took several deep breathes repeating, “Bismillah” which in my faith means in the name of God. I still felt strange and did not want to stand up so I scooted, sitting, slowly down the stairs. When I reached the downstairs to get water I drank 3 to 4 small glasses of water which felt a bit relieving. I noticed from my education in Psychology that my body was in, “Flight Response.” I touched the top of my head and it was wet. I felt my neck and it was wet also, as if I put water on it. My arms were also perspiring and I knew I was going through cold sweats. I took a towel wiped my head, neck, and arms. I was feeling a bit normal again so I stood up went upstairs. Once upstairs I decided it was best to rest for a bit so I laid flat on my back resting for about 15 minutes.

Once I got up I noticed an immediate change in my neck pain and my overall body in general. I had a boost of natural energy and I felt absolutely great. My overall pain in my neck had resided to probably 10% or less. I also, felt less overall back tension. For the rest of the day my body and neck felt good. I was still full of energy despite the lack of sleep the night before and when my wife returned home she said, “why are you in such a good mood?”

Finally there were a few things I feel I did wrong that I would do differently next time. The first mistake I feel I made was my lack of sleep from the night before. Because cupping does involved healing of the body it is probably best to be well rested before a cupping therapy session. Second, slightly after Fajr (sunrise,) I drank coffee with breakfast. Only 2 hours after this I placed the cup on DU 14. Caffeine should not be consumed before cupping. Next time I will think a bit more and plan before cupping myself. Third, it was a big mistake for me to get up right away and walk around. I really did not think cupping one point for 3 minutes would affect me the way it did. Next time I will sit or lay resting for 15-20 minutes with water available needed. These were a few mistakes I feel I made with my experimentation in this cupping session on myself.

In conclusion, from this experiment I really learned the power of DU 14. Just dry cupping this point for only 3 minutes totally changed my tension and neck pain. I really was excited to find it worked so well on me. I have definitely gained a valuable experience to how Du 14 works and why it is used so often for many problems.

Mr A. Ibrahim

Thanks Mr A. Ibrahim for Sharing this article with us