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Use Natural Therapies for Gout

Gout is a rheumatic disease, characterized by acute attacks of arthritis, usually in the great toe of the foot. It sometimes leads to deformity and chronic arthritis. Men are affected more than woman. 90% of gout sufferers are men over thirty years. There are more than two millions gout sufferers in the United States of America. In 2002, World Health Organization published Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials. In this book, World Health Organization supported usingacupuncture and cupping for the treatment of gout. The reviewed trial stated that: " Plum-blossom needling together with cupping has been recommended for treating gouty arthritis"(1).

Symptoms of Gout

Gout is an inflammatory condition. The inflammation is usually in one joint. An increase in blood uric acid is usually present due to a metabolic disorder. Acute gouty arthritis happens suddenly. Excess alcohol, some infections, drugs and surgical operations may increas…

Cupping Therapy

 By Dr Tamer Shaban
So what is cupping?
Cupping is a method of relieving local congestion by applying a partial vacuum which is created in cup or cups, either by heat or by suction. Cupping has been used for thousands of years. Although it is often associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, the entire world once knew this therapy and used it. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese used cupping therapy. The oldest recorded medical textbook, Ebers Papyrus, written in approximately 1550 BCE in Egypt mentions cupping (Curtis, 2005). In the UK the practice of Cupping Therapy also dates back a long way with one of the leading medical journals 'The Lancet' being named after this practice as it means the surgical instrument that can scrape the skin to do cupping.
Types of Cupping
There are various different types of cupping such as:
Light Cupping: Use a weak suction in cup to do light cupping , it is suitable for children and elderly people.
Medium Cupping: A medium str…

Your Guide to Essential Vitamins and Minerals

The word "Vitamin" is composed of two parts: "vital" which means essential and "amine" because it was previously thought that this compound was amine in its nature. Multivitamins are a mixture of vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body to work and stay healthy.

We sometimes try multivitamin supplements without knowing what kind of vitamins and minerals we need to take, and the functions of every element and how it affects our body. This will be covered in this article.

The Essential Vitamins

There are two types of vitamins, fat soluble vitamins (vitamins which dissolve in fat) which are vitamins A, D, E and K, and Water soluble vitamins which are B complex, C, and folate (folic acid).

The functions of fat soluble vitamins:

1. Vitamin A - Growth, development, enhancement of our immune system, this vitamin is essential for our eyesight, especially night vision.

* Deficiency signs - Night blindness, skin problems with an increase in the …

Fourteen Tips You Can Use to Improve Your Memory

Memory is our ability to process information; we encode, store and retrieve information by memory. Because memory is so important to our daily functioning, it is important to take steps to guard against memory degeneration.

Levels of Memory:

1) Sensory Memory - This is a very short memory type that can accommodate large amounts of information that may be visual or auditory or other information (depending on which sensory organs are involved).

2) Short Term Memory - This has a limited capacity, both in the duration of retention and amount of information put into "storage". At this stage, information may be processed and passed into long term memory or may be forgotten.

3) Long Term Memory - This memory has unlimited capacity, duration and information storage "space" and the information is stored in an organized manner.

Types of Memory:

1) Procedural Memory - This memory is concerned with learning and skill retention.

2) Semantic Memory - This memory is concern…

Eleven Great Ways to Reduce Stress

Eleven Great Ways to Reduce Stress 
By Dr Tamer Shaban

Stress is a big challenge in life nowadays. The sources of stress are many and the helpful ways to reduce stress are also plentiful. Common symptoms of stress include skin problems, impotence, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia and frustration.

We don't need to set a time to reduce stress, we need to incorporate some strategies in our daily life routine to prevent stress and reduce its effect on the body.

Here are 10 simple steps we can easily take to reduce stress:

1. Define your goals: we must define our life goals and begin to achieve these goals; this action will support us against stress because we will feel that we know what our life purpose is and why, and that we control our own lives.

2. Take control of your diet: we can use simple ways in our diet plans to reduce stress by avoiding some stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, tea and sugar and we can use chamomile tea as an alternative because o…

[Effects of drug cupping therapy on immune function in chronic asthmatic bronchitis patients during protracted period]

[Effects of drug cupping therapy on immune function in chronic asthmatic bronchitis patients during protracted period]

Cai-qing Zhang, Tie-jun Liang, Wei Zhang

Shandong Provincial Hospital of Shandong University, Jinan.  UNLABELLED To observe the clinical effect of drug cupping therapy (DCT, cupping therapy with pingchuan ointment made by the authors themselves in the cups) on chronic asthmatic bronchitis (CAB) during the protracted period, and explore its effect on immune function.  METHODS  Seventy-seven patients were randomly divided into two groups:the treated group (n=40) treated by orally taken Liuwei Dihuang Pill (LDP) and DCT and the control group (n=37) with LDP and common cupping therapy without drug in cups. The changes of T-lymphocyte subset, levels of interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma), interleukin (IL), immunoglobulin (Ig), complement 3 and 4 (C3 and C4) were detected before and after treatment.  RESULTS  The total effective rate was higher in the treated group…

Brachialgia paraesthetica nocturna can be relieved by "wet cupping"-Results of a randomised pilot study

Brachialgia paraesthetica nocturna can be relieved by "wet cupping"-Results of a randomised pilot study. Rainer Lüdtke, Uwe Albrecht, Rainer Stange, Bernhard Uehleke Karl und Veronica Carstens-Stiftung, Am Deimelsberg 36, 45276 Essen, Germany. BACKGROUND: Centuries ago cupping was one of the most used medical therapies worldwide but it is now regarded as an antiquated and unsafe treatment. Nevertheless it is widely used especially in Germany and China.  OBJECTIVE:  To investigate the effectiveness of "wet cupping" of a defined connective tissue area (over the Musculus trapezius) in patients suffering from brachialgia paresthetica nocturna. DESIGN: Monocenter, randomised, controlled, sequential clinical trial.  SETTING:  Section of pain management at the District Hospital of Rüdersdorf, Germany.  PATIENTS: Brachialgia-patients of both sexes without age restictions were eligible if they suffered from chronical tonsillar irritations and showed pat…